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Looking to replace your conservatory’s roof? Then call the experts at Conservatory Services Ireland today,


Solid Roof Conversions

Conservatory Services Ireland offers a conservatory roof replacement service. We will remove your old roof and replace it with a new solid roof, with ceiling and roof light options also available. Customers should be aware that not all conservatories are suitable for a solid roof replacement. Conservatory Services Ireland will always perform a complete assessment to ensure your conservatory meets the structural requirements for a solid roof conversion.

Please book a site visit with Conservatory Services Ireland today to determine if your conservatory meets the structural requirements for a solid roof.

Advantages of a Solid Roof on a Conservatory

Excellent Insulation 

Solid Roofs offer excellent insulation and create a consistently comfortable temperature in your conservatory, regardless of the season. This translates to lower energy bills, requiring less heating and cooling.

Better Noise Muffling 

Solid roofs excel at noise reduction compared to traditional styles. You'll experience a significant decrease in the sound of rain and hail, transforming your conservatory into a tranquil environment even during downpours.

Lower Maintenance

Traditional glass and polycarbonate roofs can be susceptible to leaks. Leaks become a real possibility with numerous frames, panels, and rubber gaskets (which deteriorate every ten years). A solid roof eliminates these problems.

Please get in touch with our expert services today to request a solid roof installation quote.

  • I need conservatory construction near me. What is your catchment area?
    We are available to residential clients across Meath, Dublin, Westmeath, Drogheda, Kildare, Louth, and Athlone.
  • How much does conservatory construction cost?
    This depends on the specifics of the build. Please call us directly, and we can schedule a site visit and offer a customised quote.
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